Club Black Whip

Club Black Whip

About Club Black Whip

In my early days of domination, I wanted to connect with other Dommes and engage in the lifestyle, so I attended many of the fetish and BDSM clubs in London. What I saw was a lack of diversity and furthermore there were not very many black Mistresses in attendance.

I realised then that what I wanted was a community, to be more specific, a black Femdom community. I wanted to meet women I could call sisters; women with whom I shared a background and cultural synergy. As a black woman in this lifestyle, I realised that dominant black women have similarities in our understandings and upbringing and life experiences as a whole.


All those important elements gave me the urge to connect to my sisters, to bring together a group of strong, powerful and independent women, who are complete and living this lifestyle. I also wanted to build a platform for the niche of submissive white men who enjoy the company of powerful black women to worship and adore. This was the reason why opening my own club made perfect sense and was pursuant to my needs of building a community.


Club Black Whip (CBW) is the epiphany of my passion. The blend of a community and BDSM melting together in one space. I enjoy the sexuality of men who wish to be controlled by women. The Mistresses attending the club want to be surrounded by submissives who want to adore, worship, be trained and possibly meet their future dominant. Ultimately, offering submissives and dominants the opportunity to find the perfect D/s relationship, play partner or even a professional liaison who will understand his/her place and enjoys deeply being part of this community.


CBW encourages diversity and is open to all with a strong emphasis on Black Mistresses.

CBW and diversity

CBW was started for Black Mistresses, however, it is not exclusive – we welcome all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds. A strong purpose of the club, besides building a community for black dominant women, is to join people from all over the world.

What to expect when at CBW?

A fun, vibrant, genuine vibe, yes we are dominant, but we also want to meet submissives, play and have a great time. We will have games and lots of engaging activities. The submissive’s job is to serve the Dominants while we are having fun.


Few of our games; the Walk of Shame and the new game called “Wheel of Misfortune” will be part of our event. All submissives will be required to participate. We don’t want voyeurs, anyone attending the event will be required to interact, be part of the games and be sociable.

Newcomer Dominant and Slaves

Welcome to CBW! We welcome everyone and anyone in the lifestyle from all walks of life, we don’t discriminate or tolerate discrimination. Come with an open mind, be ready to play and experience anything the night will offer. This is a safe haven for our peers.

What are CBW expectations for the Mistresses attending the club?

Mistresses are to be free and we by no means set boundaries for their acts and behaviours. However, I do believe that as Mistresses, we should have the common ground to dress well, be educated, respectful, seductive and engaging. Newcomers should explore and learn from the regulars, but also be active in the club, avoid voyeurism and passive personality when the club is full of submissives. I am offering a platform to explore the community, lifestyle and peers.

What CBW expect from all the submissive attending the club?

Total servitude, respect, common sense and the basic understanding of what Femdom is all about. This is a space for submissives to be someone else than who they are in their daily lives. They need to be willing to explore and be open to play. They should be gentlemen and engage with the possibility of an experience that might change their lives. When they come to the club, this is an opportunity to impress the ladies. It is true that submissive have their own tastes and there is no need to submit to every single lady, but courtesy and respect are highly expected and a way to also be friendly and avoid an uncomfortable situation in a space that should be playful, fun and open.

Submissive women/couples attending

We Mistresses also enjoy dominating women, submissive women are great companions and offer a refreshing vibe. You are definitely welcome to the club. However, they will have a higher hierarchy than men in general. They submit, obey and follow women only, this is a Femdom club so no Male domination will be permitted. If you decide to attend, there is no need to be nervous. You may email us before attending, this way the Mistresses will take care of your needs and put you under our wing during the event.


Couples, you are also welcome. The submissive male will need to abide by the dress code and wear a collar as required. The couples will be required to engage, play and mingle.

Collared Slaves at the club?

Collared slaves attending the event should be with his/her Mistress, they will not be touched or played with unless having the consent of the Mistress. The Dominant will need to protect and take care of his/her slave at all times. If she is happy to have his/her slave be part of the games or activities, the Mistress will need to communicate her permission to the House Dommes.

How to attend CBW?

All guests: Mistresses, Submissives, Couple, Maids/Servants, should add their names to the door list. Why? because we are now a closed event and we want to make sure the ratio of men and women are balanced. You will need to email your interest. Our new email address is also join our mailing list for future events, news, filming and much more.

CBW Dress code

Submissives (male or females) – Fetish dress is encouraged at all times if this is not possible you will dress entirely in black and you will wear a collar if you don’t have a collar, we will sell collars at the door.

Mistresses, as mentioned above, should be elegant wearing lavish fetish outfits or anything that will showcase your dominance and supremacy will do for the event.

Champagne Funds

As a good submissive, you should contribute to the champagne funds. One of the Club Dominants will circulate a beautiful vase, so you can contribute what you can towards the champagne. This way Mistresses will be able to indulge in a few glasses of champagne.

Phone and Cameras

We know phones are part of our daily lives and we want to record our experiences, however, no pictures or filming will be tolerated unless Madame Caramel approves it. We respect everybody’s privacy and anonymity.


We will always require maids/servant boys for all events. At least 3 sissy maids and 2 servant boys to help collect glasses, clean the toilets, clean the ladies boots/shoes and take care of all the cleaning needs during the night. You can apply for this position via email. You will state your age, nationality, experiences and references if possible. We prefer submissive that can be vouched for, but we are will also train newcomers. Those who need to be trained will need to go through a 4-hour training by Madame Caramel or any other house Mistress prior to the event.

Dungeon Furniture

Madame Caramel has now invested in high-end dungeon furniture to be used at CBW nights, please note all should take care of the equipment as they were yours. We will provide sanitation wipes to clean used equipment. You can play and indulge, but all pieces should be cleaned before the next person. If any equipment has a problem or has been broken please do talk to Madame Caramel not for liability purposes, but for safety. We will need to check the equipment and make sure it is safe to be use. Please ask our maids/servants for the wipes after play.