Sessions @ CBW

During a CBW night the Ladies are available for a 20 minute introductory session. You can have a session in private at the Goddess Room or if you prefer in public for everybody to see. These session costs £60,- for 20 minutes with a maximum of 3 sessions for each Mistress.

How to book:

  1. Choose your Lady of you choice
  2. At arrival inform the door Lady, Mistress Talia of you lady of choice and preferred timeslot, pay her.
  3. You will receive a ticket as confirmation, Mistress Talia will arrange the rest.
  4. At the session time, go to the Lady and present your ticket to her.

(No scat sessions, look at the Lady her website to know her preferences)

Because Madame Caramel is the host of the evening, she is very busy and not all ways available for these sessions. Contact her before the evening to check availability.