Location for CBW on the 3rd of July

We are very proud to announce the location of the next CBW on the 3rd of July.
It is a one time deal, so don’t miss out!

Next CBW will be at the Murder Mile Studios!

It is a beautiful location with an unique set of bdsm furniture.
They don´t have a bar, so please bring a bottle for you and your Mistress.

As always at CBW, we only bring a limited amount of toys with us, so bring your favourite whip or paddle to keep all the slave in line.

Venue address:

Murder Mile Studios
Unit 38 Theydon Road
Clapton, E5 9NA

Club Black Whip: Madame Caramels Birthday

On March 6th we Celebrate Madame Caramel her birthday. Bring a nice gift for Madame Caramel, it doesn’t have to be expensive but use your imagenation. Don’t forget Mistress has a nut allergy so be carefull.
The star of the evening will of course be Madame Caramel but the other events like the walk of shame will go as usual. Al ready many of the best Mistresses told us that they would be coming to celebrate. So be quick to sign up the places for slaves are limited!

Madame Caramel

Review by Andrew October 11th (Amsterdam)

A Great thank you to all the Mistress’s at this event, what an awesome time I had.

On arrival at the Party and entering the Apartment it was quite overcoming seeing so many lovely Sadistic sisters together.and being introduced to them kissing either the hand or the foot as directed. Very quickly it moved on stripped and collared and marked with a number as would be know as for the rest of the time their. The entertainment soon started for the Mistress’s with naked dancing from sub with lots of comment and encouragement from a crop.

The evening continued with fierce Femdom activity, I was pushed harder than I have ever been before but loved this, other slaves being treated with similar activity, rest period was allowed where the activity would be focused on the Mistress pleasure with foot massage.or similar.

My special thanks must go to Mistress Deviant for her attention but All the Mistress’s were awesome and collectively a real formidable team, I hope in the future I can attend more events.


Club Black Whip

Club Black Whip in Amsterdam

It was a great evening, There where more Mistresses then slaves, so they needed to step up there game.
As you see in this video they did a great job.

Have a look at the pictures in the gallery.

Review by Maggot (CBW 20th of September)

My owner Mistress Kiana informed me by text i would be required to attend Club Black Whip. My Black Boss had advised me i had to work late that night on a rather menial task so i was unable to enjoy the pleasure of meeting my Mistress at her dungeon enjoying pre club drinks and driving her and her Beautiful Ebony friend and partner in crime Mistress Ika to the club , i instead made my way to the club alone and miserable .On entry Mistress Talia instructed me to strip naked and secure myself in the cage until such time as my Mistress arrived or Madame Caramel required me .Madame Caramel was far to busy as hostess introducing her beautiful friends to pay any attention to a miserable white bitch like me. It was in fact only when Mistress Deviant caught me trying to speak to one of Club Black Whips higher ranking slaves “Tommy” that i received any attention ,I was not in Mistress Deviants good books and had forgotten hers and My owners Mistress Kiana’s comments made after the previous months event that “i talk too much and should only bark like a bitch”. the fearsome sight of her her strapon promptly reminded me and i remembered to bark like a bitch for her.

2013-09-20 20.15.46

After nearly two hours in the cage MIstress Kiana and MIstress Ika arrived at the club. i was so overcome with excitement i barked like a bitch to show my appreciation, Mistress Kiana my owner was far to busy with her friends to notice her bitch boi in a gimp mask in the cage Mistress Ika with her evil steak did however come over to me after awhile and said hello by giving me a short sharp beating with a wooden paddle , it was perhaps my screams or perhaps Mistress Deviants whispered remark to Mistress Kiana that caused her to pay me any attention ( i still worry about what Mistress Deviant & Mistress Kiana have planned for me as retribution for my previous month mistakes but neither are in any hurry they will administer my penance at a time of their choosing) . Mistress Kiana finally came over and let me out of the cage, She was in a good mood enjoying the company of a handsome stud she had met. i was quickly instructed to buy her some champagne and when i returned from the bar spent a time on my leash quietly at her feet . Then Mistress Ika announced she had a call of nature and needed a slave . i was led on all fours by my leash to the cold hard cement floor of the smoking areas where i was ordered to lie on my back and consume all that was offered me i knew better than to spill a drop, in front of an audience of smokers i underwent the humiliation of being Mistress ika’s toilet after which i crawled back to Mistress Kiana, perhaps it was the signs of an unauthorised erection or just my annoying presence on the sidelines while she was chatting to a new friend , but Mistress Kiana seemed angered and called me over and positioned me for “bastinado” she beat the soles of my feet merciless ensuring i was suffering in real pain. she appeared to get a massive rush from this and her mood lightened.

2013-09-20 21.09.07

At that point Madame Caramel called Kiana for a photoshot upstairs .i followed dutifully on all fours and was grateful to be used as human furniture in the photos.After we all returned downstairs i remained quietly at the feet of my Mistress as she chatted to a young black male who was atending Club Black Whip for the first time. his hair , muscular body and pleasant personality had caught the eye of various Mistresses ,Kiana teased him a little,although i tried, i could not keep my eyes off his big black cock and when Mistress kiana saw this she smiled ,before long she called me over and instructed me to take it in my mouth, my humiliation was complete, but on this occasion Kiana was just teasing me i was not to be satisfied as Kiana wanted another more deserving Spanish slave to take over from me.
Madame Caramel then announced it was time for the Walk of shame ,I dread this ritual as my inferior white body bruises so easily but Know better than to try and duck out and faced my walk as duty demands. Following the walk of shame the music was cranked up and the drinks flowed Mistress KIana Destress Delilah and Madame Caramel love to dance and enjoy seeing their white bitches humiliated on the dancefloor , i fear the day i am dressed like miley cyrus and force to “twerk” on the dancefloor like a bitch on heat.

2013-09-20 22.57.31

after some hot and sweaty dancing Mistress Ika called me over and instructed me to find one of her slaves ,he was nowhere to be found and Mistress ika who had been on the champagne needed relief, so i was once again exposed for all the smokers to see as a human toilet. As the cold stone floor chilled my body her warm piss filled me stomach and the other superior Mistress looked at me with disgust.
Like cinderella i had to leave before midnight and was grateful to act as taxi for Mistress Ika as my final reward

Next Club Black Whip Dates Announced!

We are already excited for the next Club Black Whip – Madame Caramel’s Rubber Birthday Bash – to be held on the 2nd May, once again at the Resistance Gallery in London E2.

Cake and champagne for the Ladies and lots of beating for the boys.

Madame Caramel would love all ladies and boys in rubber for this party. Normal fetish is also ok…

Our last event was a great success! Read what people are saying on Fetlife:

T’was an awesome night indeed………… Definitely a night of ‘Dommes Go Wild”

Thank you to all the Mistresses & slaves who attended and helped make it one of the best Club Black Whip nights ever!!!!!  — Miss_D_2011

What a great party! And an amazing group of women! And well behaved slaves!
Thank you for having us Madame Caramel xx — dirtydollbaby

yes fantastic night and so good to catch up with everyone ,, Thank you Madam Caramel xx —ms_pink

What a lucky girl I was to be the guest of Madame Caramel on Thursday night with @dirtydollbaby. Mere words can’t describe the fun I had, so thank you everyone who made it such an entertaining evening — MissOlympia

A great night! Thank you Madame Caramel and to all the Mistress’s. N —nick-switched




Club Black Whip featured in Desire magazine

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