Review by Andrew October 11th (Amsterdam)

A Great thank you to all the Mistress’s at this event, what an awesome time I had.

On arrival at the Party and entering the Apartment it was quite overcoming seeing so many lovely Sadistic sisters together.and being introduced to them kissing either the hand or the foot as directed. Very quickly it moved on stripped and collared and marked with a number as would be know as for the rest of the time their. The entertainment soon started for the Mistress’s with naked dancing from sub with lots of comment and encouragement from a crop.

The evening continued with fierce Femdom activity, I was pushed harder than I have ever been before but loved this, other slaves being treated with similar activity, rest period was allowed where the activity would be focused on the Mistress pleasure with foot massage.or similar.

My special thanks must go to Mistress Deviant for her attention but All the Mistress’s were awesome and collectively a real formidable team, I hope in the future I can attend more events.


Club Black Whip